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On your bike?

The Leadenhall Building offers excellent facilities for cyclists and motorcyclists

Parking spaces

Basement level 1 includes parking spaces for almost 400 bicycles and 129 motorbikes. Access is from the west side of the building, with the entrance on Undershaft. If you need a parking space, talk to your office or facilities manager.


The ramp features a traffic-light system, activated by your staff access pass, for safe and efficient movement into and out of the building. Access is 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The east firefighting lift provides a quick link between the basement level and the main reception area.

Showers & changing facilities

Direct stepped access from the bicycle and motorbike parking areas leads to spacious shower and changing areas, including an accessible toilet and shower.

Motorcycle spaces

Bike parking

Locker facilities

Cycle racks

Cycle parking

Bicycle spaces